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Frequently Asked Questions

We take care of almost all RO brands like Kent, Aquaguard, Eureka Forbes, Livpure, AO Smith, Aquasure, Pureit, Blue Star, Livpure, Tata Swach, etc.

We have a team of experienced technicians with 10+ years of average experience who are dedicated towards providing you best in class service. Since clean water is an essential part of our routine life our technicians carry almost all spares parts so that they can fix any type of problem in the first go.

Yes there is a visit charge of RS 199. In case you decide to get the issue fixed, visit charge will get adjusted in the total price.

RO service normally takes less than 90 minutes.

Your RO membrane might not be working proper and you may need to replace it.

We may have diagnose the RO before giving the exact reason but possibility is that carbon filter is not working properly.

Yes, we do sell all important spare parts like membrane, frt, pre-filter, sediment filter, carbon filter, pump, motor, UV assembly, etc.

Yes we use genuine spare parts for all brands like Kent, Aquaguard, Eureka Forbes, Livpure, AO Smith, Aquasure, Pureit, Blue Star, Livpure, Tata Swach, etc.

Yes, using pre-filter with water purifier is very important because it will stop most of the dust particles and other harmful elements before it enters into the machine. This will not only act as an extra layer of safety but it will also increase the lifespan of other important spare parts like RO-membrane, sediment filter, carbon filter, pump, FRT, etc. Cost of pre filter candle is cheaper than other filters used in water purifier, plus you can replace it on your own. Replacing a pre filter candle is very easy, you just need to open the pre filter, take out the old candle and replace it with a new one.

As the name suggest carbon filters contain granular activated carbon which help in removing chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, lead and many pesticides. It also removes unwanted colors and odors from water so that we can have a good taste.

Yes, you must use sediment filter even if you have pre filter attached because the size of dust particles is different, pre filter will only filter dust particles which are of larger size but sediment filter can even remove finer dust particles. Sediment filter can remove most of visible impurities and it will also save other parts of water purifier from getting choked.

FRT stands for flow restrictor and its job is to restrict the flow of waste water. It also maintains pressure inside the RO membrane so that water can pass through as clean water. If you will not use FRT first you will have excessive waste water, second you will not get enough clean water from the other side.

RO has many filters which can remove most of impurities from water however there are still some pathogens which can pass through because of their smaller size. In case you have Ultra violet water purification system installed then you need not to worry about these pathogens. As UV rays can protect you from most of harmful bacteria and virus by destroying their DNA.

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